Creating a Positive Impact

Basic Policy

Under the philosophy of "investing in social infrastructure as a source for generating Japan's economic strength and supporting industrial activities in Japan through real estate," IIF is committed to building long-term, positive relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, with a focus on revitalizing local communities and economies.

Actions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19, which had been recognized as a global-scale pandemic, has greatly affected our day-to-day lives and business, and many people have likely spent the past year busy with measures to prevent infection. On the other hand, the pandemic is proven to be an opportunity for us to examine optimal work formats and communications, and actions taken during the pandemic have resulted in a strong awareness regarding sustainability.

Health and Safety of Employees and Business Continuity

Implementation of our business continuity plan (BCP) commenced on February 28, 2020, and we established a COVID-19 countermeasures headquarters. We began implementing the following policies the following day.
  1. Work Systems
    We encouraged all employees to work from home, set attendance ratios according to the status of infection, instituted an attendance rotation program, staggered working hours, and a flextime system, introduced satellite office working, restricted business travel and work-related dining, encouraged online meetings, and thoroughly informed employees regarding precautionary measures to take when meeting face-to-face.
  2. Modification of Office Specifications
    We provided more space between desks, installed partitions, differentiated between entrance and exit doors, regularly sanitized doorknobs and other contact points, and installed body temperature measurement devices in reception areas.
  3. Employee Health Management
    We supported day-to-day communication between supervisors and employees, confirmed health status, provided information on addressing the lack of exercise such as guidance on stretching that can be done at home, and provided courses on mental health management training (the duty of supervisors to consider safety and confirmation of the roles of managers, line care methods) as a part of responses to changes in work styles and dealing with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Facilitation of Working from Home
    We distributed facemasks and lent employees laptop PCs, displays, and headsets.
  5. Risk Management
    We formulated action plans and guidelines when the pandemic broke out and thoroughly informed employees regarding cautionary measures relating to the handling of information.

Creating a Positive Impact

Acquisition of OTA Techno CORE

Acquisition of OTA Techno CORE

In February 2019, IIF carried on an impact investment project (a silent partnership, herein referred to as the “Tokumei Kumiai”) related to the OTA Techno CORE building. This is the first case of a J-REIT making such an agreement based on the Principles for Positive Impact Finance.

Measures Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Principles for Positive Impact Finance
The investment is in line with the materiality of the SDGs, which is emphasized by MCUBS and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
Furthermore, a third-party opinion has been obtained stating that the project is in accordance with the Principles for Positive Impact* of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

Measures for the Creation of a Sustainable Society

Measures for the Creation of a Sustainable Society

Positive Impact Investment Monitoring Policy

We perform regular monthly or annual measurements concerning the impact set at OTA Techno CORE in accordance with the following monitoring policy.

This table can be scrolled left and right.

Impact Category Details KPI Monitoring Methods Timing & Specific Methods FY2020 Results
Employment and a Comprehensive and Sound Economy
(Positive impact)
Securing sites for human resource development and skill succession for industrial development over the medium to long-term (1) Provision of inexpensive lease space to small and medium enterprises
(2) Number of jobs maintained and created by tenant companies
(3) Number of innovations created or awards won by tenant companies
(1) Change in contracted floor area
(2) Number of employees in lease space
(3) Number of patents and awards of each type won
(1) Determination of contracted floor area by Management Report from Property Manager and monitoring of changes on an annual basis
(2) (3) Collection of necessary information using a tenant questionnaire administered at the end of February of each year
(1) Lease area (end tenant)
 Leasable area (m2) 6122.38
 Leased area (m2) 6122.38
 Occupancy rate (%)
 * Excluding warehouse
(2) No. of employees in leased premises 192
(3) Patents / various awards received 0
(Negative impact)
Risk of rising CO2 emissions from inefficient energy use at properties Energy consumption intensity, CO2 emissions intensity Grasp of amount of electric power used Observed of each tenant on a monthly basis using centralized metering devices. Changes in usage for the building as a whole are monitored on an annual basis Electricity consumption (kwh) 2,035,560
(Negative impact)
Risk of contamination of nearby areas by hazardous waste released from plants of tenant companies Hazardous waste release volume Interviews of tenants on whether hazardous waste is released Identification of hazardous waste items added to the industrial waste volume survey collected from each tenant at the end of April of each year for submission to the Bureau of Public Cleansing Ascertained hazardous and non-hazardous waste: Waste oil (L) 10,400

IIF Shonan Health Innovation Park Provision of Land to Priority Healthcare Institutions in Kanagawa Prefecture

IIF Shonan Health Innovation Park
IIF Shonan Health Innovation Park

IIF is making contributions to local communities through COVID-19 countermeasures. In April 2020, IIF provided (lented) the land as a site for construction of a temporary medical facility for addressing COVID-19 infections free of charge for a fixed term in response to a request from Kanagawa Prefecture made in conjunction with the declaration of state of emergency by the national government.
The adjacent Shonan Kamakura General Hospital was designated a priority healthcare institution (a facility that accept moderate patience) under the Kanagawa Model, and IIF received the above request for cooperation so that the hospital could construct a temporary medical facility.
During what has been referred to as a crisis of healthcare collapse in Kanagawa Prefecture too, IIF decided to cooperate and provide the site for a healthcare facility with the aim of contributing to the health of prefectural and national citizens. IIF received promises from the prefecture and hospital that the project will proceed with maximum care for the safety of tenants and local residents.
IIF will continue to cooperate closely with Kanagawa Prefecture at the property to ensure that tenants and members can commute to work with peace of mind.

COVID-19 measures at Shonan Health Innovation Park

At Shonan Health Innovation Park, the spread of COVID-19 is prevented by the following measures without stopping everyone’s research and business activities.
NEW NORMAL Provision of information on Actions

* Principles adopted in January 2017 by members of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEPFI), namely, financial institutions, to achieve sustainable development and the SDGs as a series of shared principles for financing that will lead to efforts to maximize the positive impact on the economy, society, and the environmental while addressing any negative impacts thereon.

Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders

IIF means that its stakeholders cover a wide range of roles, from investors, lenders and bondholders, to tenants making use of its properties and service providers related to property management (PM) and building management (BM), to members of the surrounding community, and to various government administrations.
We believe that it is our mission to build long-lasting relationships with this wide variety of stakeholders and to continue sustainable management of the Group.
Communication with Stakeholders

IR Activities

IR Activities

IIF strives to explain their investment policies to individual and institutional investors in an accurate and prompt manner. In doing so, we aim to maximize our value to our investors.

For individual investors

IIF engages actively in IR activities, which enable direct communication with individual investors, including holding briefing sessions for individual investors, participating in events aimed at individual investors, holding the briefing sessions at securities companies' branches, and organizing property tours (the first J-REIT).
For information on the General Meeting of Unitholders, click here.

For institutional investors

IIF participates actively in investor conferences both in Japan and abroad hosted by securities companies.IIF also visits both domestic and foreign investors, as well as responds to follow-up individual interviews and meetings, as needed.
For institutional investors
For institutional investors

ESG Meeting

ESG Meeting

MCUBS, an asset manager for IIF, is putting efforts into helping investors to better understand our initiatives by holding joint briefing sessions on ESG initiatives involving JMF and IIF.

ESG Presentation(Approx. 40 min)
ESG Report January 2020

IIF proactively discloses information using its websites and a broad array of communication tools (including analyst meeting materials, press releases, etc.).
In order to present IIF's stance on sustainability to stakeholders, we will continue to pro-actively disclose information through a wide range of communication tools.

Communication with Local Communities

Communication with Local Communities

IIF works to create important bonds with local communities by implementing disaster prevention measures and performing activities that contribute to society at every one of its wide range of properties.

Providing spaces for community events

IIF provides neighboring communities and governments with spaces and public open spaces at the real estate properties it owns.

Example of Initiatives

Local community event held at IIF Shinagawa Data Center
Local community event held at IIF Shinagawa Data Center

The IIF Shinagawa Data Center provides a part of its space for the local community events. IIF also provides a space to store mikoshi (portable shrine) and rice-cake making equipment used at local festivals.

Providing the public park in the IIF Mitaka Card Center
The IIF Mitaka Card Center provides a part of its site to Mitaka city for use as a park.

Organizing facility visits

IIF organizes facility visits at its real estate properties to ensure that local residents are aware of the functions performed by our properties in the area.

Example of Initiatives

(Sponsored by Executive Committee of HARBORLAND's Day 2018)
(Sponsored by Executive Committee of HARBORLAND's Day 2018)

At the IIF Kobe District Heating and Cooling Center, the facility visit event is held for people from local communities and other areas to visit air-conditioning facilities at this property, so that they can understand the heat supply system in the Kobe Harbor Land area.

(Sponsored by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.)
(Sponsored by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.)

At the IIF Haneda Airport Maintenance Center on the premises of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), aircraft are inspected and maintained. Visit events are held periodically, which have participants feel more familiar with aircraft and stimulate their interest in aviation through seeing maintenance work being undertaken.

At the IIF Yokohama Tsuzuki Technology Center where product safety tests are conducted, various activities that contribute to local communities are carried out, including a workshop inviting female students in the local elementary schools aiming at promoting the interest of women in engineering careers.
(Sponsored by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.)

Communication with Tenants

Communication with Tenants

IIF not only cares about the safety of tenants of its industrial properties and facility environmental, but is also working together with tenants to find solutions in which the global environmental is considered.

Disaster countermeasures

IIF invests in Japanese real estate. Japan is prone to earthquakes, and we thus promote disaster prevention measures for tenants of our investee properties from an investor point of view. Specifically, we are contributing to the occupational health and safety of our tenants through efforts such as monitor¬ing the implementation of disaster-preparedness drills.

Example of Initiatives

Providing portable batteries and lifelines
IIF is proactively developing disaster prevention measures for the tenants of its real estate properties (such as by equipping all of its properties with portable accumulator batteries and providing lifeline facilities in the event of a disaster).
Installation of portable storage batteries/Provision of lifeline facilities in event of disaster
*1 Nikken Corporation is a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Installation of the waterproofing board

The IIF installs waterproofing board to prevent the inundation to the building.


Promoting LEDs in the 3C Management Cycle

IIF continues to manage its portfolios through the 3C Management Cycle with the aim of bringing about internal growth through stable, long-term management that also has an x-factor. The concepts of the 3C Management Cycle are shown below.
  1. Communicate: acquire an accurate understanding of tenant needs through close communication with tenants
  2. Customize: strategically put forth customized proposals according to individual needs
  3. Create: employ a concept of portfolio manage¬ment that creates unitholder value through long-term, superior property management while creating value that meets the needs of tenants.
This has led to the conclusion of contracts that incorporate the green lease concept that will benefit tenants and IIF, as a result of the effect of reducing the amount of electrical power by converting to LEDs (= reduced electricity charges).

Tenant workshops

IIF holds periodic tenant workshops. The workshops actively select sustainability themes so that IIF and its tenants, who are long-term stakeholders, can better understand responses to climate change and disaster countermeasures.
With the understanding and cooperation of tenants, a large number of tenants participate in the workshops, and the workshops serve as a foundation for IIF's cooperation with tenants in their commitment to sustainability.


Health and Well-Being

Health and Well-Being

Good use of Courtyard Area

Good use of Courtyard Area

At the IIF Mitaka Card Center, which is one of the properties owned by IIF, there is an interior courtyard whch is used by tenant employees as a place for meetings and having lunch. IIF is putting effort into maintaining the courtyard, such as by changing the flowers and trees planted there.


Under the provisions of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations (Investment Trust Act), investment corporations are not able to employ employees, so our asset management is entrusted to Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. For information on initiatives for employees, please visit that company's website.